Thursday, July 15, 2010

Financial Clean-up and A Good Book

So, what's happening in my life today?  I am busy with work and straightening out my financial well being.  Mostly focusing on my business as the personal finances are another whole can of worms.  It's been a struggle, but I am succeeding in making some much needed changes.  The goal is to stay current and not have to catch up once a year.  That is really exhausting and simply drives me nuts.  Takes me twice as long too, because I have to think back and try to figure out what I did 12 months ago.  Hoping I can keep up the momentum and not sabotage myself.

Just finishing up a book by William Lashner called Bitter Truth.  Love a good mystery in which the characters have foibles and can work their way out of very human dilemmas.  It adds to the story.  I am definitely not a "tea cosy" mystery type anymore.  But, I do like to return to my youth every once in awhile with an old Nancy Drew mystery.  Anyway, it's a very good book and I recommend Lashner's series to anyone who likes a mystery with complex characters.  Looking forward to starting another book.  I love the books by Kathy Reich, so I will probably start her next one in the series.   

I need to get busy with designing for the next market.  I have several patterns which need to have the finishing touches put on them.  I need to get them to stitcher's this month.  I better get busy  as they are a bit bigger than others I have done.

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation! Will check it out on goodreads! :)