Friday, August 27, 2010

Reving up for Market

Time is flying way too fast again.  I have finished all the charting on my designs and they are being stitched as we speak.  Thought I might give you a sneal peak at what I am working on.

This is the "Margaret Brown" American Quaker Sampler dated 1838.  It's a wonderful piece to stitch and I am excited to present it to the shops at the market.  I have some information on the sampler maker and this will be included in the chart. 

I also bought Margaret's Sister's sampler as an investment.  Owning a pair of samplers done by sisters is not all that common, so I am excited to meet Sarah Brown sometime next week.  Although I won't be charting that sampler, pictures of both samplers will be included in the chart and I will be showing both samplers at the market.  It's going to a real treat.

Here is another Sneak peak of the upcoming "Yuletide Hornbooks".   I think these will be fun to stitch.  The chart includes two different designs, two pieces of fabric, silk floss and a hornbook.  They have been fun to stitch and the finishing really shows the design off!  I am hoping this will be very popular with the shops.

I have two other patterns in the works for market and they are not yet ready for a sneak peek.  However, I hope they will be finished soon so I can post pictures of them here. 

For the next several weekends I have friends coming into my home to help me with kitting, proof new patterns, printing and packaging patterns.  I do not know what I would do without the help of these friends.  I can only pay them in stash from Milady's Needle and despite my sometimes very harried and stressed demeanor, they continue to support me in this way.  So I guess this is not just my business, but represents the hard work of many friends.

I am so grateful for my friends!!

Till The Next Time,