Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mary Wigham

I orginaly posted this post without a picture in July last year.  So I went in to edit it and I ended up reposting as of  today.  :(  I still haven't totally got the hang of this blogging thing!!  So here is the old post with a picture. 

Despite the need to work on projects already in progress and getting started on designs that need stitching for the St. Charles Market; I started work on the Mary Wigham Sampler from Needleprint this weekend.  I just couldn't say no!

Did you ever just get so excited about a project that you couldn't help starting it?  Well, I ordered the silks, got the fabric and I just had to start stitching.  So, while watching a few favorite shows, I started the sampler.  I love working on it!!  The silks are so wonderful to work with and I am enjoying how the thread smoothly draws through the fabric and lays so softly on the linen.  It's so comforting some how. 

However, I will shortly have to stop so I can get going on the reproduction sampler that I need to finish charting and stitching.  It's such a short time till market, and I get so side-tracked sometimes.  There are times I wish that I was not a designer as I could stitch on whatever I would like to stitch.  However for the most part, I love what I do.  So, I will continue to design needlework until I seem led elsewhere. 

In the meantime...here's the progress so far on Mary.  She is a joy to stitch.

Till Next Time,