Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trip To The Canyon and The Painted Desert

Hello Friends,

We got back from our 14 day trip about a week ago and it was a wonderful break to see beautiful scenery and take in a family reunion.  It was nice to get back home again and we are back in the swing of our daily routine.  Wish we had had a break from the heat, but while we were gone it was hotter where we were than here in Arizona.  :(  Go figure!!

I thought you might like to see what we saw.  I won't go crazy with pictures here, but just a few will show you the beauty of nature which surrounded us.  We were in awe of our creator's stunning array of colors, sights and sounds. 

Painted Desert With Double Rainbow

Canyon De Chelly

Where the Navajo Lived Canyon De Chelly

Painted Desert

Canyon De Chelly
Amazing Rock Formations & Color

Canyon De Chelly
The White House

Canyon De Chelly

We were sorry to leave such beauty behind us as we traveled on to Chicago for the family get together, but we did have fun despite the heat with my four sisters and their families.  If  you get a chance, don't miss this beautiful hidden gem.  Not a lot of people there this year and we loved it!!

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