Sunday, May 8, 2011

Heading Home

Hello Friends,

We are heading home to Texas.  We found two lovely homes in Arizona, but haven't made the final decision about either as we plan to look at a home in Granbury, Texas too.  One of the homes was so lovely!!  Everything we could want at a fair price.  It didn't hurt that the man of the home already had a wood working shop set up and the woman of the home had a quilting room and painters studio already set up.  It was eerie going into a home where the occupants were doing the same or similar hobbies as Rick and I are doing.  We thought it might be Kismet.  It is actually very south of Phoenix in Queen's Creek.  The home is located right on the golf course and Rick said he could take up golf again.  It has a pool, so we might even get some exercise in!!  Anyway, we are excited and will try to make a decision sometime next week.  We would have a lot to do if we finally make the move.  It's overwhelming to think about it, but...guess we will wait and see before I get too anxious.  :)

I am reading the book The Heretics Daughter by Kathleen Kent and enjoying it tremendously.  It really gives you a feel for the time period in Salem Village during the witchcraft trials.  Worth a look if you are interested in some history of that time period and of the witch craze.  I have always been fascinated by the events in Salem.  I was curious about how a few young girls could have so much power in a community that they were able to sway their elders to make the decisions that caused so many deaths.  I have read several historical books about this phonomenon and there are several interesting theories about how this came about.  From a purely historical standpoint, the book Delusions of Satan by Frances Hill is the most interesting book on the subject that I have read.  Next up on my reading list is Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.

I have charted a new sampler and I am now beginning to stitch it.  If you go to my business blog, I will have a post on it later this week with a sneak peak of the original sampler.  It's done on 45 count with AVAS 100/3 silks.  However, you can do it on whatever count you wish.  I just wanted to make the reproduction as true to size as possible.  I am excited about this new one and hope to have it done for the Baltimore Needlework Market.

Enjoy your reading and stitching,



  1. Interesting, my husband is descended from one of the "Salem witches", Susannah Martin. She was exonerated in 2001. Money, property, and revenge figured very heavily in the accusations and verdicts.

  2. Gloria, we are house hunting in the same area! We're currently in southern California and will probably be headed Arizona way the first part of October. I loved the ruralness of Queen Creek. We're having a hard time deciding just exactly where we want to end up because there are so many beautiful places available. Good luck to you.

  3. Yes indeed Linda...all the sociopolitical influences that created the hysteria are very interesting to consider. Wow...a descendent of a witch!! That must create some interesting conversations at your house.

    Terri...isn't that a great area of the country! I hope we can find something just right! Maybe we will meet at Attic Needlework sometime in the future.